DIY Steps To Grout Tiles


Are you lost in your tile grouting process? After your tiles have been perfectly installed in a grid, next on the list is to complete the job with the grout application. When the grout happens to look stained, you should replace it. Grout plays a major role in the outcome of your renovation project. Poorly grouter tile makes it less stable and chip more. Here’s a step-by-step guide on the tile grouting process to grout like a pro.

Choose the group.

The three important types of grouts are cement-based, urethane, and epoxy grouts. It all depends on the area of the home you are working on to pick the right kind of grout.

Choose your colors

There are numerous options in grout colors. The first step would be to come to a decision about the grout lines, whether you want them to match or contrast to the tilings. To make things fun, you can test out the different grouts to see what suits the space in your space. Make sure to browse all the options at the hardware store before coming to a final decision.

tools and supplies

Have at hand all the tools and supplies

Keeps these tools within your arm’s reach when grouting your tile. They are margin towel, rubber grout float, 3 to 4 buckets, closed-cell sponges, clean clothes, rubber gloves, grout sponge, tarp, and blue painter’s tape. We do not recommend using a putty knife since it runs the risk of scratching the tiles.

Mix the grout

Ensure that you have gone through the manufacturer’s instructions to know how to mix the grout well. Just do not add too much water. Less use of water would improve the consistency and strength of the grout.

Practice first

Practice first

Practice on a small area first to test your technique. Try on an 18 by 18 board with an installed tile to understand the outcome you would prefer.

Grout in small sections

Work the grout at a 45-degree angle and make sweeping arcs to work the grout into the joints between the tiles. Use the grout float to wipe the excess as you go. Always work in sections.

Clean thoroughly

Clean thoroughly

After the grout sets, use a grout sponge to wipe the surface of the tile. After the grout hardens, you will need to clean again with a cloth, towel, or damp sponge to rub off any grout haze. Make sure to use as little water as possible. Before cleaning off the tile, check if the grout has settled a bit. Also, keep replacing the water in the bucket and clean the sponge for effective cleaning.

DIY Steps To Grout Tiles

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