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We adore your home just as much as you do! Therefore, we prioritize quality over quantity. While shopping with us, you’ll find the greatest quality things to make your house a happy place!

Masters Of Consistency And Quality

Small Upgrades You Should Spoil Your Home

Paint The Ceiling

Give your home a statement look with our wide range of ideas!

Add A Little Bling

Illuminate your home with the best quality products we offer!

Restyle Your Bookcase

For all the bookworms out there! Give your books' look a better change with us.

Contain Your Kitchen

You vision it, and we
implement it!

Quality Service Is First

Expert Home Improvement Ideas That Pay Off

Bedroom Remodel

Comfort is what we care about! Hear from our experts and relax!

Kitchen Remodels

Bring home the feeling of a luxurious dining experience!

Bathroom Remodel

Renovate your bathroom with our experienced end-to-end services

We Build Tomorrow

Find Renovation at Bethel UMC MN

Enjoy Free Shipping

Don't worry about the minimum order amount as we don't ask you to pay for the shipping charges!

Great Selections

Suit yourself with a wide range of products!

Flooring & Storage

Find the quality ideas and inspiration
to add to your home!


Hear what they have to say about Us!

"Because of the money involved and the family's stress, remodeling a home is the most important decision a person can ever make. Fortunately, I never had to deal with any because Bethel UMC MN was always there for me. Bethel UMC MN provided everything I could ask for, including high-quality materials at an affordable price and the house's original vibe."
Raymundo Shroyer
"I would highly recommend Bethel UMC MN as it has provided me with the best quality products. "
Christopher Blocker
"The best idea I had was to add a little bling to my home. My home now has an entirely different look because of the high-end equipment offered by Bethel UMC MN, such as mirrors and lights. See for yourself as they have more in store for everyone."
Lou Williams

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